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Cafe Park offers delivery of lunches to office. If every day at lunchtime you convulsively start to think what to buy in the supermarket, then our solution is for you. We can deliver a comprehensive lunch to any office in Kiev.

We have an extensive menu of more than 40 dishes. Complete dinner includes: salad, a first dish, garnish dish and bread. The lunch includes flatware and napkins. The menu can vary according to your individual needs.

Dishes should be orderd in advance. We acept cash and wire forms of payment.

The range of first courses:

Borsch with mushrooms
Soup with beans
Borsch Green
Ukrainian Borsch
Borsch cold
Okroshka Meat
Okroshka Vegetables
Okroshka Fish green
Rassolnik home-
Leningrad Rassolnik
Leningrad Rassolnik (with pearl barley)
Salsola Mushroom
Salsola home
Salsola home fish
Solyanka Meat
Solyanka with meat
Salsola chicken
Salsola Fish
Soup English